Medical Scams: Educate Yourself and Your Loved Ones

We’ve covered the dangers and necessary defenses against various scams, including romance scamssupply chain scamsfinancial scamslottery scams, and vishing scams, but now we turn our attention to what could be the most personal and invasive of scams – the medical scam.

But wait, you might think, wouldn’t ROMANCE scams be the most personal and invasive? To that, we would beg to differ. While romance scams do prey on matters of the heart, medical scams prey on matters of life or death. Your health care, your prescriptions, your treatments, even your diagnoses, are at risk. These scams are particularly unethical in that they take advantage of people dependent on medical help and support. There are two main scams in this category – the medical equipment scam and the medical identity theft scam. (Read More)

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