Charity Scams for Veterans Tug at Heart Strings and Grab for Wallets

Want to help charities that support servicemembers and veterans? Around Veterans Day, charity scammers seek to take advantage of your generosity. They contact you about fake veteran and military causes, tugging at your heart strings — and grabbing for your wallet. A little research will help you spot these charity scams and make sure your donationsContinue reading “Charity Scams for Veterans Tug at Heart Strings and Grab for Wallets”

7 Tips for Avoiding Fraud When Donating to Charities

But when doling out dollars to charity, be careful. Crooks will take advantage of your generosity and steal your cash. “People are in a generous spirit,” says Amy Nofziger, who oversees the AARP Fraud Watch Network Helpline (877-908-3360). “Most of us are out hustling and bustling and planning parties and buying gifts, and the criminals make youContinue reading “7 Tips for Avoiding Fraud When Donating to Charities”

These Veterans’ Programs Seem Real. But Watch out for Impostors

As a veteran, navigating government programs and benefits is complicated. Scammers know this – and take full advantage of it. BBB Scam Tracker has received numerous reports of con artists who pretend to represent the government and target veterans with promises of special grants and other programs. If you or a family member is a veteran,Continue reading “These Veterans’ Programs Seem Real. But Watch out for Impostors”

Imposter Scams Targeting Veterans and Servicemembers

As we continue to honor and celebrate veterans, scammers increase efforts around holidays — like Veteran’s Day — to try to take advantage. Right now, a banking scam is tricking veterans (and current servicemembers) into sharing sensitive personal or financial information. Find out how. Imposters are contacting veterans, servicemembers, and their families. They pretend to beContinue reading “Imposter Scams Targeting Veterans and Servicemembers”

9 Must-Listen Podcasts About Scams and Con Artists

These days liars and con artists are popular fodder for documentaries, TV shows, blockbuster movies and best-selling books, but they’re a particularly ripe subject for podcasts, which allow for high-level investigative reporting and in-depth storytelling. Here we highlight 10 must-listen podcasts — including AARP’s The Perfect Scam — that feature shocking stories of truly reprehensible criminals, asContinue reading “9 Must-Listen Podcasts About Scams and Con Artists”

Don’t Click on that Text! 5 Ways to Avoid Delivery Scams

Some consumers have recently been getting text messages stating a major delivery carrier needs them to “update delivery preferences” on a package by clicking on a link. The problem? The text is a scam, and the link results in the theft of personal information. Most consumers love the convenience of making purchases online and havingContinue reading “Don’t Click on that Text! 5 Ways to Avoid Delivery Scams”

Worried About Crypto Exchange Losses? Don’t Pay Money for “Help” Recovering Money

The failure of a major cryptocurrency exchange has wiped out many crypto investors, and it could lead to potential scammers looking to cash in. Find out how to avoid them.  Some scammers offer so-called recovery services to people who have lost money to fraud. If you’ve lost money in crypto, scammers might try to convince you they canContinue reading “Worried About Crypto Exchange Losses? Don’t Pay Money for “Help” Recovering Money”

Money Can Be Stolen From Your Bank Account: Here’s How to Lower Your Risk

When Nicole Brandes, 54, did a routine check of her three linked Bank of America accounts online recently, she noticed something alarming: $10,000 was missing. The Washington, D.C., art teacher looked closer to find that $9,300 from her business account and $700 from her personal checking account had first been transferred to a fourth accountContinue reading “Money Can Be Stolen From Your Bank Account: Here’s How to Lower Your Risk”

Tried to Cancel a Service but Couldn’t? Learn Steps to Take

Have you ever been unhappy with a service — like your phone or Internet — and tried to cancel it? But, when you tried, you found it difficult or nearly impossible? Learn about the ways companies illegally trick or trap people who use their services, steps to take, and your rights. (Read More)

Reported Online Retail Fraud Losses to Approach $380M in 2022

With the holiday season approaching, Better Business Bureau® (BBB®) warns online shoppers searching for gifts and other merchandise to arm themselves with research and use credit cards to dodge scammers. Online shopping scam reports to BBB Scam Tracker remain just under all-time highs reached in 2021 when BBB issued an in-depth study, Theft on a Massive Scale: Online ShoppingContinue reading “Reported Online Retail Fraud Losses to Approach $380M in 2022”