BBB Scam Alert: This New Impostor Scam Targets Student Loan Holders

Scammers wasted no time capitalizing on the Biden Administration’s plan to cancel some federal student loan debt, as BBB predicted. BBB Scam Tracker has already received reports from consumers who have been targeted by impostor loan forgiveness calls and emails. (Read More)

Free COVID Test Scam Targets People on Medicare

Scammers have been targeting Medicare recipients with a fake offer to get “free COVID tests.” They’re calling and running websites, online and television ads to try to convince people to give their Medicare information. But if you give them your information, they’ll bill fraudulent charges to Medicare. (Read More)

Is that Health Insurance, a Health Product or a Scam?

Looking for health insurance can be confusing. But if you run across a company that deliberately tricks you into signing up for insurance or health products that don’t deliver (and are hard to cancel), it’s even harder.  According to the FTC, Benefytt Technologies, Inc. and its partners did just that — tricking people into believing they couldContinue reading “Is that Health Insurance, a Health Product or a Scam?”

As Prices Rise, Keep an Eye Out for Scammers

With the cost of groceries, housing, and many other things rising, you might be looking for ways to cut costs. You aren’t alone. Across the country, people are worried about high prices impacting their budgets. And scammers are taking notice.   Scammers may zero in on your anxiety over money in several ways. They mightContinue reading “As Prices Rise, Keep an Eye Out for Scammers”

Government Impostor Scams on the Rise

Say what you will about Washington politics, but older Americans generally still trust many of the federal government’s agencies and operations. Unfortunately, crooks know this. The AARP Fraud Watch Network has been inundated with calls about scams involving someone impersonating an IRS agent, Medicare official, Social Security Administration officer, FBI agent or other government worker.Continue reading “Government Impostor Scams on the Rise”

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud is big business, and like most businesses, it has adapted to the new environment of the COVID-19 pandemic. “The public health emergency created an opportunity for fraudsters to modify and repurpose existing schemes,” a spokesperson for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or CMS, said in an email. CMS has seen badContinue reading “5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Medicare Fraud”