Medicare Fraud Prevention Week – Day 7

As a community, help by looking out for your older neighbors. When in public, be aware of older individuals purchasing gift cards in large amounts. If you see this, ask questions or mention gift card scams. You can report these types of scams to the @FTC. #MFPW #MFPWcommunity

As a community, how can you help prevent Medicare fraud, errors, or abuse? If you are out in public and overhear someone talking about Medicare, don’t be afraid to offer information about SMP and SHIP. These are trusted, unbiased government programs in every state ready to help Medicare beneficiaries, families, and caregivers. #MFPW #MFPWcommunity

As a community, we can all play a part in preventing Medicare fraud, errors, and abuse. 

  • Encourage those you know to talk to a trusted source about their Medicare questions.
  • Tell your neighbors about the most recent Medicare scams. You can learn about these at
  • Consider volunteering with your local SMP!

Every one of us can help and protect our neighbors and loved ones from Medicare fraud. 

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