Education & Outreach

The Virginia SMP is eager to support local community groups in their efforts to educate residents on healthcare fraud.


The Virginia SMP’s mission is to empower seniors, caregivers and family members to prevent, detect and report healthcare fraud.  One way the SMP accomplishes this mission is by providing educational events for small and large groups.  

Groups and individuals can request a presentation for their civic organization, church members, conference or special event.  Presentations can be customized to fit any time frame, audience or topic related to healthcare and Medicare/Medicaid fraud.  The SMP also has the technology to provide presentations virtually through a variety of platforms such as Zoom, Facebook Live or Conference Call.  Presentations are done at no charge to the group.


SMP Overview: Overview of the SMP Program

Identifying & Avoiding Common Fraud Schemes: A look at common scams affecting seniors and how to avoid them.

Can You Trust that Email: Explains various ways to identify fraudulent emails.

Maximizing your Medical Statements: Teaches participants how to read and identify fraud on their Medicare Summary Notices (MSN) and Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

Romans Scams: Discusses how to avoid romance scams and what to do it you’re caught up in one.


Another avenue the Virginia SMP uses for spreading the word about healthcare fraud is through outreach events.  The SMP has acted as a vendor and advertiser at various conferences, fairs and festivals.  These events have provided the SMP opportunities to connect with and educate large numbers of Medicare beneficiaries and their supporters.

Groups and individuals can request the SMP to attend their event.  While resources for vending and sponsorship is limited, the SMP will evaluate every request wisely with the goal of reaching as many people as possible.  We also have an interest in serving rural communities and will keep this as a key consideration for all requests.


The Virginia SMP also seeks opportunities to participate in radio and television programming. If your television or radio program is interested in producing a segment on healthcare fraud, the SMP would be interested in serving as a guest.

For these and other requests, simply send us a message via the form on our CONTACT page and we’ll get back with you.

The Senior Medicare Patrol Project is supported by Grant #90-MP-0040/01 from the Administration on Aging, Department of Health and Human Services, Washington D.C. 20201